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Tourinvest Group

Tourinvest Group has been operating in Georgia since 2008, it is one of the largest investors in Georgia and its total investment is about $ 200 million. The company profile includes the following operating activities: Construction, Real Estate Sales, Real Estate Management, Hotel Services Management, Restaurant Management, Tourist Attraction Operation, Gambling Business Management and the Partnership with International Brands. More than 600 people are employed within the project frameworks of Tourinvest Group.

During its existence, the company has implemented a number of major projects for the city that have added great value to Batumi as a tourist destination. Important tourism business projects were also implemented within the scope of the company activities.

These projects are as follows:

  • Batumi Entertainment-Cultural Center and Cable Car Argo,
  • Boutique-style Boulevard Hotel Batumi
  • HILTON Hotel Batumi
  • Bellevue Residence Batumi
  • Terrassa Askaneli
  • CIB Casino International Batumi

The advantage of Tourinvest Group is the use of highly qualified and modern approaches in the production process. The emphasis always falls on high class, quality and innovation. The company works within the framework of any initiated project with highly qualified and professional/skilled specialists who know their job well, backed up by their many years of experience.

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Rustaveli avenue, 40, Batumi, Georgia
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